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"Saint Dimitrius of Thessaloniki" Faculty of Agronomy, established in 1945, set the foundations of the present Agricultural University. Until now 12 000 agronomists, 367 agronomists-breeders and 79 agronomists in irrigation farming have been trained.

At present the students have the choice of the following majors for the Bachelor’s degree (4 years):

  1. General Agronomy
  2. Agronomy (Plant Biotechnologies)
  3. Animal Breeding.

The curricula and study programmes comply with the European requirements for the Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD degrees. The programmes have been accredited by the National Agency of Evaluation and Accreditation.

The Faculty offers its students the opportunity to spend a study period abroad within various European educational programmes or a practical placement on farms in the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Finland, etc.

Seven Departments form its structure: Agrochemistry and Soil Science, Botany and Agrometeorology, Genetics and Breeding, Animal Science, Farming and Herbology, Crop Science, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. The study process includes lectures, exercises, seminars, practical training.

Student evaluation – following a six-grade scale, sitting for written examinations and in some subjects continuing assessment is used The Faculty prepares specialists with broad fundamental and practical background, with an individual thinking, able to take efficient management decisions in the area of crop production and animal breeding. The knowledge acquired contributes to their rapid adapting to the market conditions of agricultural production.

Laboratories of: Molecular Biology, Electronic Microscopy, Photosynthetic Analyses

The Faculty has a rich collection of varieties, experimental fields, animal breeding farm for raising fowl, cattle, sheep and mulberry silkworms, supporting the training and research activities.

The research results are included in a number of publications in scientific journals, monographs, textbooks, student manuals.

38 new cultivars of field crops and 18 technologies have been introduced into practice.

The following Master’s degree courses are offered (1-1.5 year of studies):

  1. Crop production
  2. Plant breeding and seed production
  3. Plant biotechnologies
  4. Sustainable land management
  5. Agrobusiness
  6. Phytoregulation and plant nutrition
  7. Animal breeding and reproduction
  8. Evaluation and control in animal breeding
  9. Waterfowl and other untraditional poultry of economic importance

Professional realization of the graduates with Bachelor’s and Master’s degree:

  • Managers, technologists, organizers, consultants and experts in companies, co-operatives, organizations and associations for production, processing and trading with agricultural plant and animal products;
  • Managers, technologists, organizers, consultants and experts in companies producers and suppliers of agricultural machinery, plant protection chemicals, fertilizers, seeds, etc.;
  • Researchers and lecturers;
  • Experts in municipal and state administration.


  1. Botany and Agrometeorology
  2. Plant Genetics and Breeding
  3. Farming and Herbology
  4. Animal Science
  5. Crop Science
  6. Agrochemistry and Soil Science

Dean: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Bojin BOJINOV
Dean’s Office: +359 32 654 322
E-mail: dekan.af@au-plovdiv.bg  
12, Mendeleev Str., 4000 Plovdiv

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