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1. Educational Information Centre

The Educational Information Centre was established on the basis of the existing Educational and Methodological Department with the aim of improving the quality of the offered student services.

An information system was developed for processing the documents of the applicants, organization of the entrance examinations, student admittance and enrolment for studies.

Social servicing of students is also a responsibility of the Centre. It participates in the process of submitting applications, student selection and accommodation in the hostels, as well as managing the procedures, collecting the documents and ranking students for scholarships.

The Centre synchronizes the educational process, maintains educational documentation and is responsible for the communication with the Ministry of Education and Science.

Among the major responsibilities of the Centre are also the graduation procedures of the students. In that sense, it may be noted that the Centre is at the entrance, meeting the applicants, supporting student integration into the university environment, guiding them throughout the learning process and sending off the graduates.

A new element in the activities of the Centre is the issue of the European Diploma Supplement in English language, facilitating the academic and professional recognition of qualifications in EU countries.

The Centre is responsible for the admission of foreign students, offers administrative services and assistance for the integration of the enrolled international students.

Director: Аssoc. Prof. Dr. Dimka Haytova
Tel.: +359 32 654 391, +359 32 654 310
Е-mail: uic@au-plovdiv.bg

2. Centre of Continuing Education

The Centre of Continuing Education is a supporting unit in the structure of the Agricultural University – Plovdiv. Its basic mission is to provide lifelong learning possibilities for the graduates and the present students and for other specialists who can acquire key competencies in the area of agriculture and ecology, economics and tourism.

The Centre is engaged in guaranteeing the best possible specialized training in the area of agriculture by organizing 30- or 150-hour courses in compliance with the Regulations governing the European Structural Funds.

The Centre of Continuing Education realizes its mission in two major directions – student training and training of external customers.

Students are offered training programmes for acquiring additional qualifications in: professional pedagogy, grassing and garden design, agricultural law, economics and international trade, journalism, patent and licence policy of companies, etc. Preferential conditions are provided and training runs in parallel to the studies for acquiring BSc or MSc degree.

The Centre organizes short- and long-term courses for post-graduate studies to university degree holders. There is a great demand for the longterm specialization in economics and management, pedagogical proficiency, flower production, green-house vegetable production, plant protection, plant nutrition. During the short-term specializations the participants can be trained for land assessment, pruning and training of fruit species for improved fruit bearing, production of grapevine and fruit planting material, growing medicinal plants, herb and mushroom collection, etc.

Flexible modes of studies are offered – either in a group or individually, part-time or distance learning programmes are available.

On completion of the studies, the graduates are issued a certificate in accordance with Regulations of the Government.

Director: Prof. Dimitar Grekov, DSc
Tel.: +359 32 654 335, +359 32 654 367
Е-mail: grekov@au-plovdiv.bg, cpo@au-plovdiv.bg

Inspector: Margarita Taneva

Tel: +359 32 654 367
E-mail: cpo@au-plovdiv.bg  

3. Centre of European Integration, International and Public Relations

With the long-year traditions in the area of international cooperation and the close academic and research contacts kept with more than 100 universities from Europe, Asia, Africa and the USA, the Agricultural University won its recognition as a higher educational institution open to the rich experience of its partners.

The big number of joint European and international projects contributed to updating the curricula and study programmes and their adapting to the European and world standards of university education, which is a stepping stone to the recognition of the diplomas.

Erasmus Bureau is functioning within the Centre as a unit administrating the mobility of the students from the Agricultural University to prestigious European universities for spending a study period or for practical placement for one or two semester. The period of stay abroad is fully recognized and it is documented in the Diploma Supplement.

The tradition has been established for placing the students for a seasonal work in foreign countries where they acquire knowledge and skills in advanced agricultural technologies, learn the native language and get in touch with different cultures and customs.

The first projects within the Human Resources Development Programme for supporting PhD researchers and young scientists, as well as for providing pre-diploma paid internship opportunities for the students enrolled for the BSc degree are successfully implemented.

The staff of the Centre is conducting the advertising activities and it is responsible for the public relations with the aim of promoting the prestige of the Agricultural University.

Tel./Fax: +359 32 654 345, +359 32 654 346 
Tel.: +359 32 654 347
Dora Ivanova                inter@au-plovdiv.bg
Rumi Bakardzhieva        rumi@au-plovdiv.bg
Anastasia Pancheva       pancheva@au-plovdiv.bg 

4. Centre for Career Development and Links with Business

The Centre in conjunction with the staff of the Faculties supports the professional orientation and career development of the graduates and provides internships for the students.

The major aim is to maintain the links between education and labour market. Career consultancy services are an indispensable part of modern higher education, which guarantees the students that the University is engaged in both their training and the opportunities for their professional realization.

The Centre for Career Development and Links with Business offer a broad spectrum of activities and student services:
  • Organizing workshops for internships and practical placements for students with the participation of employers and representatives from business;
  • Compiling an information database reflecting the needs of the employers;
  • Providing an information about the vacancies for job positions and internships;
  • Acquainting the students with companies and organizations on the Bulgarian labour market and organizing corporate presentations at the University;
  • Student acquaintance with the tendencies in the labour market – wanted skills and competencies, requirements to applicants, career path opportunities;
  • Assistance for organizing and conducting internships enabling the students to acquire professional experience;
  • Undertaking individual consultancies for choosing suitable opportunities for career development;
  • Increasing the competitiveness and possibilities for professional realization of the young people;

The Centre for Career Development and Links with Business at the Agricultural University is an efficient partner of the employers in training and staff selection by promoting companies offering scholarships, vacancies and internships. The Centre collects and processes the documents of the students applying for internships or jobs and it carried out the preliminary selection.

The career consultancy services offered by the Agricultural University to its students contributes to improving the quality of education, raising the University prestige, deepening the partnership with business and attracting future students.

Chief Expert: Radka Petrova
Tel.: +359 32 654 300;
е-mail: career@au-plovdiv.bg

5. Centre of Information Technologies

The Agricultural University – Plovdiv displays special concern for the quality of education and the research process from the point of view of advanced information technologies. The university teachers and students have access to the latest research office software.

Major responsibilities of the Centre:
  • Developing and maintaining information systems and software at AU. The main tasks are the implementation and operation of modern information systems in the academic, research and administrative activities, installation and maintenance of custom software and operating systems.
  • Developing the design, constructing and putting into exploitation the new and serving the available means of communication and networking systems such as: telephone systems and remote communications, Internet terrestrial and satellite communications, supporting university network and local network segments.
  • Introducing the most advanced technologies for the use of multimedia and interactive teaching methods in education and research.
  • Maintaining all the technical resources in the field of information technology, repairing, upgrading and changing the parameters of the computer systems and peripherals within AU.
The Agricultural University is the leader among the universities in Plovdiv concerning the Internet connection speed, which was achieved through the development of a new optical ring network and the use of network devices of the highest class.

Director: Georgi Palagachev
Tel.: +359 32 654 499
E-mail: cio@au-plovdiv.bg

6. University Library

The University Library is one of the oldest rich specialized agricultural libraries in Bulgaria. It was established in 1945.

It offers the readers the library fund amounting to about 215 000 scientific issues – books, reference materials, textbooks, scientific periodicals, CDs.
Since 1995 the library processes have been automated: from registering and processing of the documents to the services offered to the users – registration, borrowing books, and customers’ work with the electronic catalogue.

As a modern centre of scientific information, the library carries out library, bibliographic and information services in an online regime:
  • Subscription to online bibliographic and full-text specialized databases (scientific books, periodicals, encyclopedia, dictionaries);
  • Personal signal information with the aim of assisting the educational process and the research activity of the University;
  • Electronic supply of documents (scientific papers) for university teachers and students;
  • Subscription to journal content;
  • Temporary free access to specialized online databases.
The library is engaged in active book exchange with more than 50 university and scientific libraries.

Director: Dr. Petya Georgieva
Tel.: +359 32 654320
E-mail: library@au-plovdiv.bg
7. Academic Publishing House
The Academic Publishing House of the Agricultural University was established in 1994. For more than two decades it provides the educational process with textbooks, manuals, teaching materials and offers services to external clients.

In July 2005 the Academic Publishing House received an International Standard Book Number (ISBN 978-954-517) and an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN 1312-6318) for the Journal Scientific Works of the Agricultural University. Introduction of the system enabled the rapid and efficient communication between the publishers and the customers and facilitated the exchange of the issues and the international information cooperation.

In 2009 the Publishing House started publishing the scientific journal Agricultural Sciences, ISSN 1313-6577. The Agricultural University gain new positions among the scientific community in Europe.

The Journal is referenced in CAB Abstracts, in EBSCO Publishing, in AGRIS and partially in 30 other databases of CAB International. It is also maintained in an electronic format (http://www.au-plovdiv.bg/content.php?id=8).

Since September 2014 the scientific journals of the Agricultural University have their own websites and international standard numbers with free access: ISSN 2367- 5772 (Online) for the Journal Agricultural Sciences and ISSN 2367-5845 (Online) for Scientific Works of the Agricultural University.

8. Distance Education Centre

The Distance Education Centre was founded and equipped in the frames of the project ‘Development of electronic forms of distance education’ financed by Human Resource Development Operational programme.

A Web-based university system for distance learning was created. Educational documentation for distance education was prepared for Bachelor’s degree studies in Agronomy and Agricultural Economics and for the Master’s degree courses in State and Municipal Financing and Agribusiness. Conditions for the organization of distance learning at the Agricultural University were created.

The following materials were developed: Criteria for the content of teaching materials for distance education; University standards for testing, monitoring and evaluation of knowledge; Methods of student examination and assessment; Standardized electronic textbooks in 63 subjects; System of distance learning quality management. Regulations for organization of the electronic forms of distance education were approved by the Academic Council.

Over 500 students majoring in different fields have tested the e-platform and 50 students completed successfully one module using the electronic forms of distance learning.

Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teodor Radev
Тел.: +359 32 654 438
Е-mail: radev1974@abv.bg

9. Research Centre

Thanks to the varied research and introduction activities, the Agricultural University occupies a leading position in the development до agricultural practice.

The major trends of research are the following:
  • Breeding, genetic and biotechnological investigations in the area of plant breeding, seed production and introduction.
  • Establishment of advanced technologies in crop production.
  • Conservation of the agrocenosis and soil protection.
  • Animal breeding in the area of genetics, breeding and reproduction; physiology and rearing technologies.
  • Economics, organization, business planning and economic evaluation of land-use.

The Agricultural University has a modern laboratory complex including: Accredited Laboratory Complex, Laboratory of plant Biotechnologies and Laboratory for Photosynthetic Analyses.

The Laboratory Complex of the Agricultural University, certified by Bulgarian State Standard EN ISO/IEC 17025/2001, carries out analyses on: drinking, ground and surface waters for the content of inorganic components, petroleum products, heavy metals, pesticides and microbiology; soils for the content of nitrogen, phosphorus potassium, humus, pH, heavy metals, macro- and microelements and microbiology; agricultural products and products of the food and flavour industries for the content of heavy metals, pesticides and microbiology; wines and spirits for the content of methyl alcohol, heavy metals; microbiology of products of cosmetic industry for the content of heavy metals and their microbiology.

Director: Prof. Dr Ivan Manolov
Tel.: +359 32 654 386

E-mail: nic@au-plovdiv.bg

Laboratory Complex:
+359 32 654 464
E-mail: lki@au-plovdiv.bg

10. Agroecological Centre

The Agroecological Centre is a structural unit of the Agricultural University – Plovdiv. It was founded in 1989 with the aim of coordinating the efforts of researchers, students, farmers and consumers to carry out research and provide education for the development of organic agriculture in Bulgaria.

The Agroecological Centre has been a member of the IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements) since 1993.

The Centre participated actively in a number of international and European projects. It maintains contacts with leading Austrian, Dutch and Italian universities and consulting institutions in the area of biological agriculture and environmental protection.

Since 1994 it has been functioning as a Demonstration Centre for biological farming. The Centre has facilities to train students, teachers, farmers, and agricultural specialists in the field of organic crop production. The produce obtained at the site of the Agroecological Centre is certified by “Balkan Biocert” (Bioproduct certificate № 00226) and it is marketed at biological processing enterprises and via the new for Bulgaria subscription system for bio-foods.

Major priorities:
  • Training and research in organic farming and agroecology, conducted by qualified agricultural experts and scientists from the Agricultural University – Plovdiv.
  • Promotion of organic and sustainable agriculture in Bulgaria in partnership with the Ministry of Agriculture and Foods and non-governmental ecological organizations in the country and abroad.
  • Consulting farmers, municipalities and entrepreneurs for implementation of technical and business plans for conversion to organic farming, for farm management and rural development.
  • Access to specialized literature.
  • Development of national and international projects for organic agriculture.
  • Support to farmers and organizations for preparing project applications.
Director: Prof. Dr. Vladislav Popov
Tel.: +359 32 654254
Е-mail: vpopov_bg@yahoo.com


11. Training And Experimental Fields

The research activities are realized on the trainingand-experimental fields, spreading on 185 ha round the city of Plovdiv and the village of Brestnik. It maintains on a high agrotechnical level more than 1500 biological units, including 40 apple, 10 peach, 25 sweet cherry, 20 pear, 20 plum and prunes, 9 quince cultivars, lavender, peppermint, maize, barley, sunflower, etc. with possibilities of producing seed and planting material. A big range of subtropical and tropical bushes and tree species are grown, including lemons, oranges, kiwi, etc., offering for sale planting material with the appropriate technology for their adaptation under the conditions of Bulgarian agriculture.

A collection vineyard has been established with over 600 cultivars of table and wine grape cultivars.

The modern experimental and research wine cellar is located on the experimental site in the village of Brestnik. It is the only winery in Bulgaria, designed and constructed for small-scale wine production for scientific and experimental purposes. The winery meets all the modern requirements for grape processing and wine production.

For the development of animal breeding, different animal races are bred for the needs of student training and for reproduction. The good animal welfare of the local sheep and cattle races is quite valuable for practice.

Director: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sava Tabakov
Tel.: +359 89 3310165
E-mail: sgtabakov@abv.bg

12. Student Union


The Student Union is actively taking part in the policy making process at the Agricultural University with its representatives in the University Governing Bodies.


The Student Union:
  • Is a reliable partner of the Academic Body in carrying out the higher education reforms initiated in the Bologna declaration.
  • Is taking part in the organization of the educational process, in improvement of the curricula, in the activities of the Committee for Quality Assurance.
  • Supports the development of the student research, their involvement in the research teams and their participation in Conferences.
  • Establishes national and international educational, research and cultural contacts.
  • Takes part in student selection for studying or practical placement abroad.
  • Helps in solving the student problems related to accommodation at the hostels, the student canteen, distribution of grants, social aids, etc.
  • Helps in the organization of sports and art competitions for students in their leisure time.
  • Maintains a computer hall with an Internet access and issues a student newspaper.

Е-mail: student@au-plovdiv.bg

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