Agronomy (Plant Biotechnologies)

  • Type of education Regular
  • Type of degree Bachelor degree


The education of the students enrolling for Agronomy (Plant Biotechnologies) is directed towards provision of interdisciplinary knowledge on the basis of which specialists with specific range of highly qualified training are formed.

The students from this specialty obtain theoretical and practical knowledge of various in vitro techniques applied in the classical selection process which increase its efficiency and accelerate the creation of new sorts and hybrids of plants. With their help precise selection is made on a cellular and molecular level for the production of a pre-basic and basic seedling and sowing material for the needs of the producers and for acceleration of the selective programmes in state and private selection enterprises. The programme prepares experts working with different plant types, focusing on the creation of new genetic diversity and improvement of the qualities of the crops. 

Career development

Graduates from the Agronomy (Plant Biotechnologies) programme obtain the professional qualification of Agronomist of Plant Biotechnologies which enables them to pursue career in the country and abroad as: 

  • Specialists with higher education – executives, experts or advisers in all scientific institutes, centers and specialized laboratories within the system of the Agricultural Academy and the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences; 
  • Experts or advisers in companies whose business is based on the production of virus-free seedling material using in vitro technology;
  • Experts in state or public institutions dealing with the problems in agriculture; 
  • Experts within the system of the Ministry of Environment and Water and more specifically experts in bio-safety, GMO analysis and control;
  • Specialists ready to continue their studies for Master’s degree;
  • Lecturers.