Department of Fruit Growing

The Department of Fruit Growing consist of 7 lecturers teaching students from all faculties and specialties. The Department is taught in three main disciplines: Fruit Growing, Pomology and Fruit Growing of Tropics and Subtropics.

In the department we have two training laboratories at the Agrarian University and three training laboratories at the  Experimental and Study Field in Brestnik village. 

Along with the theoretical training in the department, the students receive a very good practical experience. All exercises and the training practices are held in the Training Center of the department in the village of Brestnik. We have 180 dka study areas and 6 tropical greenhouses where tropical and subtropical crops are presented. We have varieties of different types of fruits for training of the students in the Pomology discipline. There is a training nursery on area of about 1 dka available for the students in master degree in the discipline "Production of Fruit planting material".

The Department of Fruit growing is in connection with the practice where there are presented new varieties of species like apple, cherry, plums, apricot, persimmons e.s. and  where are implemented different types of tree crowns like  spindle-shaped crown in the cherry and in the plum tree, and also the freely growing crown in the peach tree etc. 

Members of the Department doing a lot for the development and intensification of the fruit orchards in the country. They held lecturer seminaries  by measure 111- ”Professional training, information sharing activities and distribution of scientific knowledge”. They also give consultations and are presented like experts in agricultural disputes and insurance companies inspections.

Common Pomology

The aim of the course is to introduce the students to the regional and perspective Bulgarian and foreign fruit varieties breeded for the establishment of new orchards in our country. Students learn about the specific pomological signs of fruits.