Production of sowing and planting material

  • Type of education Regular
  • Type of degree Master degree

The Master's course "Production of Seed and Propagating Material" is with aims to educate the agronomists with higher qualifications and knowledge's in the field of production of the seed and planting material of several agricultural crops. The organization and conducting of this course are dictated by the exceptionally suitable conditions in our country and the established traditions of seed production and planting propagating material, as well as the enhancement of the need for improving their quality and increasing of the opportunities for trade at international markets.

The graduates of this course will have much better opportunities and benefits in creating and licensing of seed production and nursery farms and companies. At the same time, they can be very successful in local, national and international production, trade and research organizations with a subject of activity related to seed and planting material. Through the qualification gained in the course, agronomists will be trained to develop research projects, business plans and long-term strategies on a national and global scale.

Master's degree training is based on the knowledge, experience, and skills acquired at the Bachelor's level and consist of self-contained interrelated disciplines conducting on a modular principle. It is a continuation of the fundamental and specialized disciplines studied, without repeating the material covered in them. In this course, on the basis of the information received, the issues relating to the production of propagating material will be further building and developed. 

The magistrates will study disciplines related to plant propagation, the technology of production and qualification of propagation material. There are also disciplines related to the production of seeds of vegetable, cereal, industrial, fodder, essential oil, medicinal and flower crops and of vine, orchard, field crops, essential oilseeds, and ornamental plants. Consideration is given to the theoretical and applied practical aspects of the mentioned scope. The course will also address issues related to the organization, the legal framework and the base and also to the national and international requirements in this area. The introduction of the latest technological and practical methods in conducting classes and scientific study trips in leading seed and nursery farms, as well as in national organizations dealing with variety breeding and testing, qualification of propagation material and legislation and regulatory framework is provided. The students will have the opportunity to get acquainted with and establish contacts with representatives of Bulgarian and foreign companies and organizations, which is an excellent prerequisite for their future realization. Developing a master's degree thesis at the end of the course will provide a good basis for further exploration by students of experiments, collection and scientific analysis of the information. The inclusion of disciplines concerning the production of seeds and propagation material from different crops expands significantly the field of realization of graduates of this course.

Students will receive the necessary training and qualification to continue their higher education, in doctoral programs and for more secure realization in a field with a wide range of applications in such a major agricultural sector as the production of seeds and planting material.