Innovative training for sustainable shepherds - EU4SHEPHERDS

Extensive livestock exploitation models are crucial for the sustainable maintenance of important rural areas in Europe. These models are the paradigm of ecological, social, and economic sustainability: 
• They fight against depopulation in rural areas and have a positive impact on animal wellbeing and human health compared to other non-extensive models. 
• These models supply consumers with quality foodl products in many EU territories and promote the sustainable development of our society.
The future of such livestock exploitation models, currently under threat due to the effects of climate change and administrative barriers, depends on the availability and capacity of extensive Shepherds. But the problem is that it is increasingly difficult to find well-trained shepherds that have the knowledge and experience to face all the aspects involved in extensive livestock shepherding. Shepherds are an aging social group. The younger ones lack proper training, education, and experience, and nowadays there is no motivation to become a shepherd due to the low social standing and lack of a specific professional training offer.