Научноизследователски проекти

ПрограмаРъководител от АУЗаглавиеПериод
Agreement No BiodivERsA-FACCE2014-47 
Horizon 2020, ERA-NET
Доц. д-р Т. БилеваSustaining agricultural change through ecological engineering and optimal use of natural resources /STACCATO/2015-2018
Horizon 2020, Research & Innovation ActionПроф. д-р В. ХаризановаStacking of ecosystem services: mechanisms and interactions for optimal crop protection, pollination enhancement, and productivity Sustainable Food Security – Resilient and resource-efficient value chains, EcoStack2018-2023
Horizon 2020 H2020-IBA-SC2-PRESIDENCY-2017 785213Проф. д-р Х. ЯнчеваПовишаване на сигурността и качеството на храните и хранителните системи, FOOD 20302017-2018
Проф. дсн Д. ГрековImprovement of silkworm breeding in India and Bulgaria2017-2022
Science and technology assistance to developing countries  China-BulgariaДоц. д-р С. ЯнчеваBulgarian Center technological cooperation and technique transfer Shanghai Jiao Tong University – Shanghai 2018-2020
ESSEM  COST Action ES 1106 Доц. д-р Д. ИвановаAssessment of European Agriculture Water use and trade under climate change (EURO-AGRIWAT)2012 - 2016
COST MPNS 1205Проф. д-р Е. МихайловаAdvances in Optofluidics: Integration of Optical Control and Photonics with Microfluidics2012 - 2016
COST Action:  FA 1301Доц. д-р Л. НиколоваA network for improvement of cephalopod welfare and husbandry in research, aquaculture and fisheries2013 - 2017
COST Action IS 1408Проф. д-р С. ТодороваIndustrially Contaminated Sites and Health Network (ICSHNet)2015 - 2019
COST Action: TU 1408 Проф. д-р С. ТодороваAir Transport and Regional Development2015 - 2019