General agriculture

The subject of General agriculture is one of the basis disciplines of the agronomic education. It is the transitions across agronomic disciplines – agricultural botany, soil science, agrochemistry, plant physiology and biochemistry, agrometeorology and the most closely related – phytopathology, entomology, crop production, horticulture, fruit growing, viticulture, floriculture, etc..

The subject of agriculture as a science is the following: studying the factors for the life of cultivated plants, the relationships between them and the possibilities for their regulation in agriculture; the physical condition of the soil and the possibilities for regulating it through soil tillage; soil tillage systems for different crop groups and sowing schemes and methods; importance of crop rotation for agricultural practices, reasons for crop rotation and crop rotation types; seed control - including organizational structures, regulations and indicators needed to qualify the seed.

The acquisition by students of a thorough knowledge of General Agriculture is a guarantee for the more successful acquisition of all other agronomic sciences.