Faculty of Agronomy

St. Dimitar Solunski is the name of the Faculty of Agronomy. It was established in 1945 laying the foundations of the Agricultural University - Plovdiv.

The faculty prepares specialists of wide fundamental and practical training, highly developed ability for independent thinking and making efficient management decisions in the field of plant growing and animal breeding. The knowledge gained provides an opportunity for fast adaptation to the conditions of market-oriented agricultural production.

The Faculty of Agronomy provides opportunities for training in various European educational programmes, as well as for obtaining practical skills by working for established farms in the country and abroad.

There are 7 departments within the faculty`s structure: Agrochemistry and Soil Science, Botany and Agrometeorology, Plant Genetics and Breeding, Animal Sciences, Farming and Weed Science, Crop Science, Plant Physiology and Biochemistry.  

Students are trained in four Bachelor`s degree programmes: Agronomy (Field Crop Production); Agronomy (Plant Biotechnologies), Agronomy (Agribusiness), Zoo Engineering.  

The Faculty of Agronomy offers training in the following Master’s programmes:

  1. Professional area of Crop Production: Crop Production, Medicinal, Aromatic and Gustatory Plants, Selection and Seed Production, Plant Biotechnology (Bulgarian or English as a medium of instruction), Agribusiness, Agribusiness and Entrepreneurship, Innovative Technology in Precise Agriculture, Industrial Production of Seeds and Seedlings (Bulgarian, Russian or English as a medium of instruction), Mineral Feeding and Manuring. 
  2. Professional area of Animal Breeding: Selection and Reproduction of Animals, Assessment and Control in Stock Breeding; Sheep Breeding and Goat Breeding; Management of Systems for Safe and High-quality Food Production, Apiculture.