Faculty of Agronomy

The Faculty of Agronomy “St. Dimitar Solunski” was founded in 1945 and set the foundations of the Agricultural University. 

Its main mission is to prepare highly qualified specialists according to the requirements of the agricultural sector in our country and in a number of countries around the world. The Faculty offers highly qualified theoretical and practical training, annually updating the curricula in line with the trends of agricultural development worldwide. As a result, our graduates are successfully employed in all the areas of the agricultural sector.

The Faculty of Agronomy includes the departments: Crop Science; Plant Physiology, Biochemistry, and Genetics; Botany and Agrometeorology; Farming and Weed Science; Agrochemistry and Soil Science; Animal Sciences. 
Student training is carried out by a teaching staff with a high level of qualification. The total number of university teachers is 68. The teaching process is conducted by 20 professors, 22 associate professors, 23 chief assistant professors, and 3 assistant professors. Two of them are holders of the academic degree Doctor of Science and 64 – PhD degree. 

Training in the Faculty is carried out for the educational-and-qualification degrees Bachelor and Master and the educational-and-scientific PhD degree, accredited by the National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency. The diplomas are recognized in the European Union and around the world. 

In 2015, the Bachelor’s degree in the professional field of Crop Production was accredited by the National Agency for Evaluation and Accreditation for a period of 6 years with the highest grade among related specialties in the country (9.74), and in the field of Animal Husbandry with grade of 9.34. 

Bachelor’s programmes
• Agronomy 
• Agronomy (Plant Biotechnology)
• Zooengineering
• Zooengineering with Information Technologies

Masters programmes
• Management and Digital Technologies in Crop Production
• Essential Oil and Medicinal Crops
• Crop Production
• Mineral Nutrition and Fertilization
• Industrial Production of Seeds and Planting Material
• Plant Breeding and Seed Production
• Management of food quality and safety production systems 
• Agribusiness and entrepreneurship

PhD programmes the professional field of:
• 6.1. Crop Production 
• 6.3. Livestock Breeding.

All students and PhD students have the opportunity for part-time study (1 or 2 semesters) without additional payment under the Erasmus+ program in over 50 prestigious universities in Europe. Upon graduation they receive a European Diploma Supplement.

Students can also carry out traineeship mobilities receiving an Erasmus+ grant and additional payment from the companies in which they practice.

More than 13,000 agronomists, biotechnologists, breeders, zooengineers, etc. have graduated from the Faculty of Agronomy.

There are long-standing traditions of Bulgarian and foreign doctoral students. Currently twenty doctoral students are studying at the Faculty.

The number of graduated Bulgarian Ph.D. students is over 150. There are also foreign Ph.D. students from over 30 countries such as Benin, Vietnam, Guinea, Greece, Egypt, Ethiopia, Yemen, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Cuba, Mongolia, Nigeria, Poland, Syria, Slovakia, Sudan, Uruguay, Czech Republic, etc.