Admission of students and PhD students

The Agricultural University has developed as a modern national and European educational, research and development center during its over 70- year history, which has integrated into the European Education Area with a significant contribution to the sustainable and smart growth of agriculture, tourism and regional development.

Nowadays the Agricultural University is a temple of agricultural knowledge and science, where the established traditions are developed and improved further to meet the challenges of the future. 

Highly-qualified specialists are trained in the offered 20 Bachelor’s degree majors, 28 Master’s and 26 doctoral degree programmes. The graduates are able to work for the provision of top quality safety food, forages and biofuels, which comply with the high requirements of the European standards.

Modern educational technologies, the broader opportunities for the students to work in a real working environment and the international mobility support the career opportunities in the context of globalization. 

Our alumni who manage competently leading companies in Bulgaria and worldwide, are the best proof of the high quality of agricultural education.

The University with its modern infrastructure is a place for competitive fundamental and applied research, oriented to business and enhancing agricultural practices for sustainable development of the sector.

At present the university lecturers, staff and students contribute with their professionalism, competence and creativity to the progress of society towards knowledgebased economy, innovation and shared academic values.