Master`s degree programme Industrial production of seeds and planting material

  • Type of education Regular
  • Type of degree Master degree

The Master`s degree programme provides theoretical and practical training to students specializing in the quality production of seeds and planting material from different types of field and fruit crops.

The curriculum consists of basic biological disciplines accompanied with the necessary scientific grounds and practical examples of an efficient seed-growing farm.

Modern technologies for cultivation of the main field, aromatic and medicinal, vegetable, decorative and fruit crops are presented, as well as methods of plant protection and storage.

Classical and modern methods of cultivation are discussed: improvement of varieties, their advantages and specifics; schemes and methods of reproduction of authentic seeds and planting material, with no diseases and pests. Students are acquainted with the alternative approaches for organic farming, the biotechnological methods for planting material propagation, the creation and use of genetically modified organisms.

Master students are trained to organize efficient seed production by obtaining basic knowledge on agricultural economics, accounting, logistics, marketing and trade, as well as Bulgarian and EU legislation related to the production and marketing of seed and planting material.

Opportunities for a prospective career:

  • specialists in state and private companies engaged in the production, preparation or trade of seeds and planting material;
  • agronomists or consultants in farms organizing their own seed production;
  • leadership positions in administrative control bodies in Bulgaria and the EU;
  • PhD students or assistant professors at universities or scientific organizations involved in plant breeding and commercial seed production.