МК „Растениевъдна продукция”

  • Type of education Regular
  • Type of degree Master degree

In the Master's degree "Plant Production" the students have the opportunity to learn new scientific methods and tools for rational management of the modern plant growing in all its spectrum (grain, legumes, technical, fodder, essential oils, and other cultures). To acquire modern, real, and specific knowledge of the economic significance, origin, distribution, productive capacities, biological requirements, growth and morphological features, system, and economic qualities of the regional varieties, the place in crop rotation, soil cultivation, fertilization, preparation and requirements to the seed material and seedlings production, optimum sowing times, sowing patterns and norms, care during vegetation (weed control, diseases and pests control, regulation of crop growth and development, the need for irrigation and its efficiency) and harvesting. 

To achieve the objectives of this program students should have basic knowledge in Botany, Biochemistry, Plant Physiology, Plant Genetics, Plant Selection and Seed Production, Biometrics, General Agriculture, Meteorology, Herbology, which are studied in the first (preparatory) semester in the curriculum for Master's degree "Plant Production" (Other field of higher education/Other professional field). 

The course offers the opportunity to acquire further knowledge, subject to elective disciplines, gravitating to the compulsory disciplines (modules), in order to expand and deepen the knowledge in the field of higher education 6.0. Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine, Professional Field 6.1. Plant growing.

The training is modular. It is structured by independent but interdependent interdisciplinary modules.

Graduates of Master's degree in Plant Production will be able to successfully plan, manage and realize cost-effective conventional and environment-friendly production of plant production, as well as to carry out independent demonstration trials in Bulgarian and foreign companies, and scientific experiments at institutes and universities.

 Students graduate with the educational and qualification degree:
"Master of Plant Production”.