Master degree programme "Viticulture and winemaking basics"

  • Type of education Regular, Part time
  • Type of degree Master degree

Viticulture and Wine-making Basics master`s programme aims at preparing agrocultirists as well as specialists from other professional fields and other higher education areas with higher qualification, knowledge and skills in the field of viticulture. In order to achieve the aim of the Master's course, the following tasks are set:

  • Masters from another professional field and other higher education area obtain a fundamental knowledge base on basic subjects of agronomic education such as: Soil Science, Agrochemistry, Agriculture, as well as profiling courses: Vineyard, Ampelography and Fundamentals of Wine-making;
  • Master's degree training develops the knowledge and skills acquired at the Bachelor's level without repeating the material covered by them;
  • Master's course includes specialized courses that are not included in the Bachelor's degree course with which to expand the horizon, the competence and the practical experience of the trained students in order to satisfy the ever-increasing demands of the business in the field of viticulture and wine-making.