Plant Protection

  • Type of education Regular
  • Type of degree Master degree

The Plant Protection master`s programme aims at meeting the requirements of the bachelor`s degree holders in agronomy. 
Bearing in mind the new trends in the developement of agricultural systems and the indispensability of preserving the elements of the environment, the master students will acquire extensive knowledge in:

  • development and implementation of modern effective plant protection systems in agricultural agrocenoses;
  • acquiring skills in order to use the biological resource of agrocenoses;
  • carrying out phytosanitary monitoring
  • organization, control and counselling of measures to protect crops against diseases, pests and weeds, based on in-depth knowledge of their biology and ecology;
  • methods and means of pest control in agricultural agrocenoses.

The Faculty of Plant Protection and Agroecology has in its possession well-eqipped laboratories and an experimental base. The teaching process is sipported by the experimental field for training, research and production; the Agro-ecological Center, the Information System and the University Library.

The Masters in Plant Protection can take up a professional career as:

  • university lecturers at universities, colleges, etc.;
  • expert at MES or RIO, etc.;
  • managers, technologists and consultants in companies, cooperatives and associations related to the production, processing and marketing of agricultural products;
  • owners and managers of agro-pharmacies;
  • specialists at various research institutes or agencies at the Ministry of Agriculture and Foods, the Central Laboratory of Plant Quarantine, etc.;
  • researchers in the national higher education institutions as well as the research institutes of the Agricultural Academy.