International students

International citizens can apply for study at the Agricultural University – Plovdiv if they possess a diploma for completed secondary education or a diploma for completed higher education degree /for applicants in master`s degree programmes/. 
Foreign nationals can apply: 

  1. in accordance with interstate programs for educational, scientific and cultural exchange;
  2. in conformity with legal acts by the Council of Ministers;
  3. under Article 95 (7) and (9) of the Higher Education Act - all foreign nationals who apply for paid tuition.

Foreign nationals can apply under the terms of Bulgarian citizens (by competition) if: 

  1. are citizens of the EU and EEA member states; 
  2. have permanent residence status on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria;
  3. have a status of refugees;
  4. are persons of the Bulgarian ethnic group (Ministerial decree No 103/1993)

Necessary documents: 

  1. Application form with brief biographical data, the desired faculty (faculties) and specialty (specialties), etc. Applicants should also indicate their level of Bulgarian;
  2. A diploma attesting to a level of secondary education and the supplement with all subjects and grades /or a diploma attesting to a level of higher education and the supplement with all grades when applying for a Master`s degree/; APOSTILLE required.
  3. A document issued by an authoritative body attesting the right of the applicant to continue studies at a higher educational institution; APOSTLLE required.
  4. An academic transcript of records – when candidates apply for a partial term of study; APOSTILLE required.
  5. A Bulgarian language certificate equivalent to level B2 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR);  
  6. It should be issued by a higher educational institution of the Republic of Bulgaria.
  7. Foreign nationals with no command of Bulgarian must sign up for a one-year preparatory course in language and specialized training at the Department of Languages and Sport in AU Plovdiv.
  8. A medical certificate issued one month prior to the application; APOSTILLE required.
  9. A photocopy of identity card or passport certified with an APOSTILLE. 
  10. A photocopy of the citizenship documents – for applicants with dual citizenship, one of which is Bulgarian - certified with an APOSTILLE.
  11. Two photographs – passport-sized.

The documents described in points 2, 3, 4 and 6 must have a legalized translation into Bulgarian.

NOTE: The applicant’s minimum average score from the rank-forming grades for the relevant specialty in the diploma of secondary education must not be lower than 62% of the maximum score for the grading system in the country of diploma issue (i.e. equivalent to the Bulgarian “Good 4”). 

For applicants of non-EU countries
All documents of non-EU applicants approved by the Agricultural University - Plovdiv are sent to the Ministry of Education and Science to comply with the procedure of issuing long-stay visas – visa type D. The Ministry of Education and Science will issue a certificate for admission of foreign applicants to Bulgarian higher education institutions and will notify in writing the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Migration Department.

Language and Specialized Training for International Applicants 

The Department of Languages and Sports at the Agricultural University - Plovdiv provides language and specialized training for international applicants – a preparatory course. The training is carried out according to an established curriculum and syllabuses. The preparatory course continues no less than 9 months. It is organized in groups of no more than 10 students in each group. Students attend mandatory language and specialized classes in order to use Bulgarian /or English/ as a medium of instruction during their further education.

The training is completed with written and oral exams of all subjects. Upon successful completion of the course students are issued a Bulgarian language certificate /B2 level/. 


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