Department of Meliorations, Land Regulation and Agrophysics

The Department of Meliorations was founded as a basic unit in the structure of the Faculty of Agronomy in 1947. Later on, it was included in the structure of the Faculty of Viticulture and Horticulture. It was renamed to Department of Meliorations and Geodesy. At first, the department`s academic staff consisted mainly of irrigation specialists - engineers and agronomists. Afterwards, lecturers in land regulation joined it. Since the beginning of 2018 three physicists working in the field of agrophysics have become part of the team.

Currently, the Department of Meliorations, Land Regulation and Agrophysics consists of nine lecturers as follows:  two professors, three associate professors, two chief assistant professors and two assistant professors. 

The academic staff aims at providing high quality preparation of undergraduate students enrolled in Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes. Various mandatory and optional classes are offered to students from all faculties: Irrigation and Drainage, Irrigation Regime of  Agricultural Cultures, Irrigation of Tropical and Subtropical Cultures, Irrigation of Parks and Gardens, Hydrology, Hydraulics, Geodesy, Land Regulation, Irrigation, GIS, Vertical Planning, Physics, Biophysics, Renewable Energy Sources, Physical Impact and Control Methods, Remote Monitoring Systems for Precise Agriculture, Drones and Aero-photography for Precise Agriculture.

Lecturers provide out-of-classroom consultations with students, as well as guidance in preparing students` diploma theses.

Over the years many students have successfully defended their doctoral theses in the department, coming not only from Bulgaria, but also from the United States, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.  They have proven themselves as leading scientists and have been holding leading positions in a number of universities and scientific institutions around the world. As a long-term tradition, PhD students, who have graduated from the Department of Meliorations, Land Regulation and Agrophysics, pursue a career as lecturers and pass on their valuable experience to the next student generation.

Lecturers actively participate in international European programmes in cooperation with related universities in Greece, Spain and Portugal.

The scientific interests of the department`s members are focused on irrigation techniques and technologies, irrigation regimes, soil-plant-water relationship, soil erosion, application of GIS in agriculture, the influence of physical factors on plant growth, optical properties of the cell, control of the amount and accessibility of biomass for energy, etc.

Lecturers at the departmnet have strong professional relationship and collaboration with other departments within the structure of the Agricultural University – Plovdiv, as well as with the Plovdiv University – Paisii Hilendarski, UACEG, BAS, Applied Physics Laboratory, etc.
 In addition, they are also members of scientific advisory councils related to the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Water. They also conduct training courses for farmers. 

The department is in cooperation with international academic institutions such as: Dublin Technological Institute – Ireland; Aristotle University of Thessaloniki; Technical University of Lisbon, Technical University of Constanta – Romania, etc.


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