Academic publishing house

The Academic Publishing House of the Agricultural University was established in 1994. For more than two decades it provides the educational process with textbooks, manuals, teaching materials and offers services to external clients.

In July 2005 the Academic Publishing House received an International Standard Book Number (ISBN 978-954- 517) and an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN 1312-6318) for the Journal Scientific Works of the Agricultural University. Introduction of the system enabled the rapid and efficient communication between the publishers and the customers and facilitated the exchange of the issues and the international information cooperation.

In 2009 the Publishing House started publishing the scientific journal Agricultural Sciences, ISSN 1313-6577. The Agricultural University gain new positions among the scientific community in Europe.

The Journal is referenced in CAB Abstracts, in EBSKO Publishing, in AGRIS and partially in 30 other databases of CAB International. It is also maintained in an electronic format (

Since September 2014 the scientific journals of the Agricultural University have their own websites and international standard numbers with free access: ISSN 2367- 5772 (Online) for the Journal Agricultural Sciences and ISSN 2367-5845 (Online) for Scientific Works of the Agricultural University.