17+1 Demonstration Center for e-commerce with agricultural and other products

Since February 21, 2019 the 16+1 Demonstration Center for e-commerce with agricultural and other products is a place of the 17+1 Initiative. This makes it the first-ever demonstration territory to promote young entrepreneurs. It was initiated by the Association for the Promotion of Agricultural Cooperation between China and CEE Countries (APACCCEEC), Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry of Republic of Bulgaria. The new join project creates conditions for young people from China and Central and Eastern European countries to develop e-commerce through the Platform for consolidation of agricultural producers from China and the CEE countries www.16plus1cloud.org, established in 2018 by APACCCEEC as well as the newly established “16plus1/S2S Where Students Change The World”. The platform is used as a digital warehouse of products.

The aim is students from China and Central and Eastern European countries to cooperate to make real business deals with each other within the framework of the 17+1 Initiative. The desire of the management of the Agrarian University and APACCCEEC is to enable young people to win, encouraging the bilateral cooperation - between China and CEE and multilateral - between the countries of Central and Eastern Europe themselves.

Since January 1, 2019, a Chinese government directive has been in place to alleviate the regime of imports of agricultural and other products through e-commerce. The Directive promotes the cross-border import of products for personal use. Each order of an individual is up to 1250 BGN, with an annual limit of up to 6500 BGN.

The Center at the Agrarian University is part of the "Demonstration Zone of Agricultural Cooperation between China and the Central and Eastern European Countries", officially launched in 2018 by the Prime Ministers of Bulgaria and China - Boyko Borisov and Li Keqiang, a model of a comprehensive agricultural cycle, from production to its realization on the world markets.. It provides opportunities for the academic community and the companies, offering technologies and equipment for agriculture to present their latest achievements in front of students, lecturers from different universities, experts at national and local level, farmers, and amateur gardeners. In 2015, in the Demonstration Center of AU, a greenhouse for vegetable crops was built, which contributed to the expansion of the opportunities for presenting new technologies in agriculture. Students and organized groups visit the demonstration field, attend all the practices and get acquainted with innovative agricultural machinery and technologies designed for a wide range of activities.

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