Educational Information Centre

The Educational Information Centre was established on the basis of the existing Educational and Methodological Department with the aim of improving the quality of the offered student services.

An information system was developed for processing the documents of the applicants, organization of the entrance examinations, student admittance and enrolment for studies.

Social servicing of students is also a responsibility of the Centre. It participates in the process of submitting applications, student selection and accommodation in the hostels, as well as managing the procedures, collecting the documents and ranking students for scholarships.
The Centre synchronizes the educational process, maintains educational documentation and is responsible for the communication with the Ministry of Education and Science.

Among the major responsibilities of the Centre are also the graduation procedures of the students. In that sense, it may be noted that the Centre is at the entrance, meeting the applicants, supporting student integration into the university environment, guiding them throughout the learning process and sending off the graduates.

A new element in the activities of the Centre is the issue of the European Diploma Supplement in English language, facilitating the academic and professional recognition of qualifications in EU countries.

The Department of Graduate Studies is an administrative unit of the Educational Information Centre, involved in organizing, administrating and coordinating training for awarding the Master`s degree and PhD degree.