Centre of information and communication technologies

The Agricultural University – Plovdiv displays special concern for the quality of education and the research process from the point of view of advanced information technologies. The university teachers and students have access to the latest research office software. 

Major responsibilities of the Centre:

  • Developing and maintaining information systems and software at AU. The main tasks are the implementation and operation of modern information systems in the academic, research and administrative activities, installation and maintenance of custom software and operating systems.
  • Developing the design, constructing and putting into exploitation the new and serving the available means of communication and networking systems such as: telephone systems and remote communications, Internet terrestrial and satellite communications, supporting university network and local network segments.
  • Introducing the most advanced technologies for the use of multimedia and interactive teaching methods in education and research.
  • Maintaining all the technical resources in the field of information technology, repairing, upgrading and changing the parameters of the computer systems and peripherals within AU.

The Agricultural University is the leader among the universities in Plovdiv concerning the Internet connection speed, which was achieved through the development of a new optical ring network and the use of network devices of the highest class.