Centre for Career Development

The  mission

The mission of the Career Development Centre is to create opportunities for the successful career prospects and realization of students graduated from the AgriculturalUniversity-Plovdiv. This is possible when providing career advice and consultation, as well as information and services of the present day in accordance with the requirements of employers and the labor market.

Career consultancy is an integral part of the modern higher education. It provides guidance for students in their professional development, assists them in choosing their courses and majors, helps with self-evaluation and defines possible prospective opportunities.

The goal

The main goal of the Career Development Centre is to serve as a link between education and the labor market. 
The Centre aims at helping the career development and professional orientation of the students at the Agricultural University – Plovdiv.

The functions:  

1. Consultancy

  • Providing individual advice on career choices and career development issues;
  • Assistance in the composition of a CV, a cover letter, and other necessary documents when applying for a job and an internship;  
  • Useful advice for a job interview.

2. Giving information 

  • Providing actual information for internship and job fairs, where the students have opportunities to gain professional experience; 
  • Introducing students with companies and organizations of the Bulgarian labor market by organizing corporate presentation at the University.

3. Organizational function

  • Effective partner of employers in selecting staff by promoting business organizations and offering scholarships, job and internship positions.