Centre of research, technology transfer and protection of intellectual property rights

Thanks to the varied research and introduction activities, the Agricultural University occupies a leading position in the development of agricultural practice in our country.

The major trends of research are the following:

  • Genetic Resources in plant and animal breeding and new technological decisions related to global climate changes;
  • Conservation of natural resources and the production of safe agricultural products;
  • Sustainable land-use systems and rural development;
  • Machinery and equipment for agricultural production and waste management.

The Governing Council of the Research Centre organizes, carries out and reports the annual competition for funding research projects with funds allocated from the state budget to the universities for scientific and creative activities.

95 research projects funded by the state subsidy and 32 projects financed by the National Research Fund were implemented in the period 2008-2015.

In addition to research, the Centre also carries out R&D activities, offers consulting and expert services, develops international cooperation.

Among the significant implementation projects developed in the recent years are: ‘Herbitour’, ‘Maize – the Queen of the Fields’, ‘Biological decontamination of soil’, ‘Varietal testing of winter rapeseed’, joint projects with pesticide companies.