Centre of Continuing Education

The Centre of Continuing Education is a supporting unit in the structure of the Agricultural University – Plovdiv.

Its basic mission is to provide lifelong learning possibilities for the graduates and the present students and for other specialists who can acquire key competencies in the area of agriculture and ecology, economics and tourism.

The Centre is engaged in guaranteeing the best possible specialized training in the area of agriculture by organizing 30- or 150-hour courses in compliance with the Regulations governing the European Structural Funds. 

The Centre of Continuing Education realizes its mission in two major directions – student training and training of external customers. 

Students are offered training programmes for acquiring additional qualifications in: professional pedagogy, grassing and garden design, agricultural law, economics and international trade, journalism, patent and licence policy of companies, etc. Preferential conditions are provided and training runs in parallel to the studies for acquiring BSc or MSc degree.

The Centre organizes short- and long-term courses for post-graduate studies to university degree holders. There is a great demand for the longterm specialization in economics and management, pedagogical proficiency, flower production, green-house vegetable production, plant protection, plant nutrition. During the short-term specializations the participants can be trained for land assessment, pruning and training of fruit species for improved fruit bearing, production of grapevine and fruit planting material, growing medicinal plants, herb and mushroom collection, etc. 

Flexible modes of studies are offered – either in a group or individually, part-time or distance learning programmes are available. 

On completion of the studies, the graduates are issued a certificate in accordance with Regulations of the Government.