Erasmus Policy Statement

Agricultural University is the only one specialized in agricultural and life sciences higher education institution in Bulgaria.

The university was established almost 70 years ago as a state university. It is situated in Plovdiv, one of the ancient European towns, with a unique location, on a crossroad connecting Western and Northern Europe with the Eastern and Southern part of the continent. The location of the town influences the international policy of the University and determines the international cooperation and dialogue both with European and non-European institutions.

The university adopted the objectives of the Education and Training strategic framework 2020. We define the internationalization as one of the main goals of the university strategy towards increasing the quality and modernization of education and research. This will be achieved by shifting the qualification of the staff through encouraging the international dimension of the study and research activities and mobility.
Agricultural University undertakes to respect the principles of non-discrimination and ensure equal access and opportunities to mobile participants from all backgrounds. The University organizes mobility in a fair and transparent way.
Agricultural University applies ECTS and ensures full recognition of the study and/or placement results. The University ssues a Diploma supplement which includes a record of the results of mobility under the Programme.
Agricultural University signs inter-institutional agreements based on compatibility of academic profiles and similar educational and research aims.
In choosing partners the University has the following priorities:
- Contacts with University partners with similar area of knowledge, which have study programmes and research activities in the area of agriculture, environmental and life sciences and business studies;
- Contacts with research institutions in the field of agriculture and life sciences;
- Partnerships with business and NGOs - agricultural companies and farms, tourist enterprises, food processing enterprises, ecological and business organizations;
- A balanced geographical scope of the partners - continuing the established cooperation with Central and East European countries and establishing more partnerships with Northern European countries. Renewal the partnership and continuing the cooperation with university`s non-EU partners - Turkey, Republic of Serbia, Macedonia, Russia, Armenia, Ukraine, Republic Moldova Kazakhstan, Mongolia and USA.
The student study and placement mobility is of a major importance for the university nternationalization and mobility activities. The university intends to enhance and increase the student mobility in Bachelor, Master and Doctoral levels for studies and for work placement. Agricultural University has good traditions with student placement in enterprises. For our specific field of education – agriculture and tourism, the placements are very important for achieving the study objectives; moreover the practical training and pre-diploma placement are a part of the compulsory study programmes. Placement mobility will develop necessary skills and competences to our students to be more competitive on a national and European labor market. The doctoral mobility is of a high importance as a way to prepare researchers not only for the research organizations, but for the industries.
The international staff mobility aims at increasing the qualification, competence and motivation of the teachers, researchers and non-teaching staff. The mobility will contribute to innovative teaching methods and will increase the quality of education, as well as to quality and relevance of human capital development.
The Programme will contribute for improving teaching and studying languages and promote linguistic and cultural diversity.
The university will focus on developing double, multiple and joint Masters and Doctoral degree courses with partners from EU and non-EU countries aiming to strengthen the cooperation both with the EU and non-EU universities, to increase the number of Master courses and to develop unique and innovative Master and Doctoral courses, as well as to offer more opportunities for the home students and to attract foreign students.
Consortium Agreements for a multiple Master degree with twelve universities from Italy, Greece, Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Kosovo and Albania; for a double Master degree with universities from Ukraine, Poland and with one university from USA are on procedure of signing.
We declare the programme's supported activities match fully to the institutional priorities and will contribute to the university development as unique national and European educational and research institution in the field of agriculture and life sciences which educates skilled and competent gaduates for the Bulgarian and European labor market.